Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Birthday Girl

Birthday weeks are always busy and I had a few days without taking any pictures!  Crazy!  But I made up for it on the 10th with a bazillion pictures of my birthday girl.  Mia turned 4.
Canon 50mm f/1.8
Custom WB.  ISO 100.  f/2.2 1/500

I made the mistake of not overexposing the picture when taking an image in snow since the snow tricks the camera into underexposing the subject.  Still not sure how to overexpose in AV mode and should have taken this in manual using my light meter.

Edited with adjusting contrast, light levels, increased midtones and shadows.  And edited eyes and skin with Coffeeshop Powder Room 2.



  1. This darling birthday girl dressed as cute as she is simply can't take a bad picture!

  2. cute! and i want snow! you could still adjust your exposure in pp, which would help. her face is similar in color/darkness to the fence, so there isn't a ton of contrast there, upping exposure might help. it would also help your b&w conversion to give it more depth. :) just a little critique, not that you asked, but we have done this in the past. :) LOL!