Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Yerba Mate

I think the last time I ‘tomared’ mate was 16 years ago.  Mate is a popular drink in Argentina. Most spend a few hours a day drinking mate and chatting with family and friends.  It’s like an herbal tea but instead of sipping it out of cup, you drink it out of a common bowl with a metal straw that everyone passes around and shares. 

I offered it to my kids when they got home from school.  Ryan tried it but hated it.  His friend didn’t dare try it after he realized he had to share the same straw as Ryan, me and my friend.  Once Hadley and Morgan got home from school, they asked what we were drinking.  Morgan looked at it and said “Gross!”  and then intervened when I asked Hadley if she wanted to try it, “Mom, she doesn’t like it.  It’s gross!”

Can’t believe 20 years have almost passed since those memorable days in Argentina.  Thanks Laura for sharing your mate with me today.  (And that’s NOT what it sounds like.  It’s pronounced ma-tay.  Not Mate. It was an exciting afternoon but not that exciting!) Even if it took me a minute to warm up to the taste again.


  1. I know it's green and I know it's dross, but what else is about it? hahahahah (see kid history episode #6)

  2. Mission thing? I won't even share my straw with my kids!

  3. Hey I should have joined you. We have one of those here. Not sure if it is yours or Heidi's!