Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I’m using pictures from yesterday because I didn’t take any pictures on the 11th.  I subscribed to  Capture Your 365.  They send me a daily email reminder with a photo suggestion or idea for the day.  One of the suggestions was to slow down your shutter speed and capture the action of a picture.  Remembering that sharp isn’t always the ultimate goal in every picture.  I did my best attempt but clearly have room for improvement.

Canon 18-55mm
AWB. ISO 1600. 18mm. f/3.5 1/200 (not a super slow shutter speed but slow for how fast the rollercoaster was moving).

Edit: Cropped.  Lightened with levels.  Increased midtones.



  1. Love how you captured the excitement of the kids faces...Morgan having so much fun!

  2. ooh fun, i am gonna look at that!